The Humans’s Rights International Film Festival Cremona is a creative space that endorses and aims at enhancing human rights through cinema. The scope of the event is to promote and to value the art of cinematography as a means of social, cultural and artistic transformation, and to strengthen social activism. HRIFF is designed to support and disseminate short and long films that go beyond the simple testimony of facts in order to become an active cinema, that involves the spectators recalling historic and artistic memory. The third edition of the festival is a three days event during which there will be movie screenings, debates and meetings on the art of cinema and human rights. Moreover, each day will be devoted to a specific issue, respectively: Work, Peace&War, and Cultural Heritage.
Within the HRIFF there is the opportunity to openly partecipate to the HRIFF short-film contest and submit your short film. Every genre is accepted and the winner for the best sound design will be awarded with a sculptural art work made by maître luthier and provided by Cremona, città della musica e della liuteria”.


Sol Capasso

Director & Programming

Fabio Gionfrida


Magali Buj


Federico Palumbo


Chiara Peli


Luis Felipe Garay